The Siemensstadt Square realisation phase has begun

February 1, 2024

By 2035, Siemens AG will have transformed a 76-hectare industrial site in Berlin into the future-oriented urban district Siemensstadt Square. On 16 January 2024, the Senate of Berlin submitted the development plan for part of the new urban district to the House of Representatives so that the first phase of implementation can begin.

This will lay the necessary legal groundwork for planning in order to build an open urban district for living and working. With two hubs for production, industrial manufacturing will remain a cornerstone of the location, which has been shaped by industry for over 100 years, and will continue to play an important role in the future. Between now and 2035, a total of 2,750 apartments will be built, at least 30% of which will be rent-controlled, and spaces will be created for social infrastructure, retail and office work.

As object planner within a multi-party agreement, AUKETT + HEESE is responsible for planning the first implementation phase, including a 60-metre-high office tower and a 20-metre-high atrium building, both of which will be part of the future entrance to the district, as well as an information pavilion that will provide residents, workers and interested parties with information about the development of Siemensstadt Square. The draft of the development plan for the first implementation phase has been submitted to the House of Representatives for approval.

Climate and green infrastructure stipulations will regulate rainwater infiltration according to the sponge city urban planning model, including measures for adapting to the effects of climate change such as green facades and roofs.

The planned public transport areas provided for in the draft of the development plan will not only allow for the creation of a low-car district but will also ensure connection to the existing road and pavement infrastructure.

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    Eingang Siemensstadt Square