Completion of the Deutsche Bahn corporate restaurant

March 30, 2023

The Deutsche Bahn corporate restaurant, which was previously located in the Bahntower, had to be relocated due to renovations. Now it is back and better than ever at what was formerly the Café Josty at the Sony Center. The space was expanded for this purpose, and now offers seating for 125 guests, a restaurant kitchen with a service counter, and a new entrance that allows for barrier-free access.

AUKETT + HEESE was responsible for service phases 2–8. Additional project stakeholders included the Obermayer Gruppe, which was responsible for the interior design concept; PHA Scharff (technical building equipment planning); Hundt Consult (conveyor system planning); Werner Sobek Ingenieure (structural engineering); and Milan-Ingenieurbüro, which was responsible for the kitchen planning.

The restaurant opened in January 2023.