Laying of the cornerstone for the “Siemensstadt Square” in Berlin-Spandau

June 26, 2024

Yesterday, building contractor Siemens AG celebrated the laying of the cornerstone for the Module 1 construction phase of the Siemensstadt Square urban development project. Located at the historic Siemensstadt site in the district of Berlin-Spandau, the ceremony was attended by CEO of Siemens AG Roland Busch as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Governing Mayor of Berlin Kai Wegner, among others. In terms of the project, Berlin-based architecture and planning firm AUKETT + HEESE is responsible for planning two new office buildings as well as an info pavilion for Module 1.

The new office buildings will be an atrium building with around 16,000 square metres of gross floor area (above ground), which will be built using a hybrid-timber construction method, and a 60-metre high-rise – the Siemens Tower – with around 27,000 square metres of gross floor area (above ground). The info pavilion will be integrated into the outdoor landscape, which will be designed by Greenbox Landschaftsarchitekten. The Siemens Tower and atrium building by AUKETT + HEESE will come together with the existing historic buildings by architect Hans Hertlein to create an ensemble of old and new structures.

In the speech he gave while placing 3D printed models of the three buildings into a transparent time capsule, Andrew Jones, Director of AUKETT + HEESE, said the following:

“By 2027, what you see here – this model, a small work of art with a scale of 1:750 – will be realised as a complex of three smart buildings: sustainable buildings, both economically and ecologically, that will offer hybrid spaces for creative working and interactions, all with the aim of placing humans at the forefront.”

Siemensstadt Square, a complex and innovative mixed-use urban development project that spans more than 70 hectares, will be completed by 2035. The project is located at the historic Siemensstadt site in Berlin-Spandau. In the eastern end of the district, north of Nonnendammallee around the new entrance square, two new buildings will be constructed together with 20,000 square metres of open space and outdoor facilities, as well as a 400-square-metre info pavilion, which will house information displays along with a café, a kiosk, and an exhibition space.

From left to right: Andrew Jones (Director Aukett + Heese GmbH), Frank Bewig (Bezirksbürgermeister Spandau), Marina Zdravkovic (Gesamtschwerbehinderten-Vertretung der Siemens AG), Jörg Vocke (CEO Siemens Real Estate) – ©️Siemens

Aukett + Heese and Siemens

Grundsteinlegung Siemens Square Aukett + Heese